Saturday, March 3, 2007

Working in the Garden

What is life like in the Garden? Varied and various. We are always experimenting with our grand terrarium, and each day there are newborns and new visitors, and we try to find the best locale for each. Here are two new Morpho larve ready for their first meal.

And, someone looking for a buffet:

Not to be outdone by one of our little friends, here's Luke working all the angles for dinner....

It's been a full month, and we were blessed with two amazing women who stumbled upon us while trying to get away from a less pleasant volunteer situation, but they quickly fell in love with the garden and the butterflies, and as the feeling was mutual, worked and played hard to keep everyone cared for and happy. Here is Elizabeth collecting Parides eggs:

All things change, and new adventures are just around the bend, but that won't stop Jack from doing his puppy dog best to keep you here as long as possible.

Photos in this post courtesy of Danielle Colvin