Monday, September 27, 2010

Costa Rican independence day!

Every year on the 14th and 15th of September I take the pleasure in participating in Costa Ricas independance from Spain. As a foreigner and resident of Costa Rica it is always a pleasure to participate in this rich cultural experience of celebration and remembrance of family and home. This is actually a celebration for all of Central Americas independace from spain in 1821 that was actually won by Guatemala. It took about a month later for the news to reach Costa Rica.

On the night of the 14th the annual celebration begins with a children’s parade. The kids dress up in adorable traditional dress and carry homemade candle lanterns throughout the town. This replicates the scene in 1821 of people walking with lanterns from the Central American capitol in Guatemala to spread the word to Costa Rica and beyond of the declared independence from Spain. The following morning there is a traditional parade where all of the local schools have marching bands that play and dance through the streets. There are also floats that represent local traditions and dress.