Friday, December 7, 2007


Once again, summer rolls around here in Montezuma just in time for the Holidays. Although we are north of the Equator, we're south of the tropic, and the rains stop and the sun shines from December to April...

Not to say that we have been idle. Lots of new things are happening at the gardens, not least of which was a facelift for all our rooms:

Our caligo room, with a large balcony overlooking the butterfly garden and a vista del mar, now rents at $70 per night, and includes A/C, Satellite TV, private bath, and of course our breakfast and butterfly tour.

Our Morpho room, which features the same amenities as the Caligo, with a much smaller balcony, rents at $60 per night, and allows for Holas to the folks who are walking by on the way to the waterfalls during the day:

The Juno room is a bit smaller, and without a balcony, but with a double sized and single sized bed with it's own bathroom, A/C and Satellite TV, is a good way to share more comfortable accommodations for a lower budget at $50 per night.

If you want to get away from TV, try the Dryadula Room. Air conditioned for comfort, and with a bunk bed, a great deal for $40 per night.
For December of 07, and part of Jan 08, this will also be our Work/Stay room, until our new casita behind the butterfly garden is complete.

All the rooms above assume up to 2 person occupancy, add another $10 per person over two.
Additionally, we are trying something new this year. For another $10 per room per night, we are opening our kitchen for guest use! It will be a true open kitchen experience, as all of our spices, condiments, and cookware will be at your disposal.


There are always lots of things to do around the garden, and the butterflies appreciate a lot of TLC, and we would like to give a shout out to everyone that helped make our Work/Stay program a wonderful success this year!!

For $250 per person per month, which works out to $8.33 per day, we can accommodate two people who trade 5 four hour days of work in the garden for cheap rent and breakfast and lunch. This works out well for everyone, and affords the work stay folks a reasonable means to get to know the people and the area for an extended period of time:

Contact Us: for email.

We do Skype with our satellite connection, username Mariposario1

If you are in country, and want to give us a call:
26 42 13 17

We are in a very rural location, so if it takes a day to get back to you: smile, whisper "pura vida" to yourself, and imagine living on the beach in a country where deadlines and your sense of time are....flexible.

pura vida