Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fuego de April

So we had a little kick off for the fool moon. It is cashew season, and our tree did us right this year.Have you ever danced by the fuego of the cashew?

cuatro minutos antes

and introducing....


Elle has been around for the last few weeks, and due to her amazing nature, has now been adopted, and is now cared for, by the folks here at Montezuma gardens. Very sweet, a little bit naughty, but throughly nice, she has been getting the word out about our great little place here, and the care that they show to those in need, and so, now we have someone who has adopted us:


Who absolutely refuses to leave, even though she drives Jack crazy. They're getting used to each other, though, and i think she might just have our back. She definately took care of the cows that showed up while i was away in Panama, and kept them from "disturbing" our yard.

Well, if she wants to work, we want to take care of her.