Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ah, the holidays

So the new year is here, and the rains have stopped and the sun is shining, and it's time to go to the beach!

Although this year was a dry one, the slow season from October to November is always spent getting ready for the next summer, but we now have a tradition as a family of all of us going out to Playa hermosa, which is a beautiful beach, and celebrating with a little surf, a little sun, and lots of companionship.

This also marks the first year that we have a high speed internet connection at the house, so we are now happily able to offer free dsl speed wireless to guests, and now for the first time ever i am able to post video clips to the blog!!

Here is my one man perspective of Las Manchas:

Which is just a quick shot of me looking out on the beach at the bottom of the hill. Las Manchas is a little spot that is popular with the locals (especially the folks that run Cocolores restaurant here in Montezuma) because, well, it's beautiful, and a great spot for swimming and snorkeling if you like to try your hand at catching spiny lobster. Just ask before you go though, because there is a powerful little rip tide that develops at certain times of the day.

So here is the fam on the beach for Christmas:
That's me, mom, Summer and Ryan just off a glorious trip to the beach. Playa hermosa
is a great day trip, although it is much easier to get there by car, which now that the roads are pretty good only takes an hour, even with a stop off at the store in Cobano for a restock on ice.

Definitely worth bringing a cooler and ice. Strangely enough, although coolers are a dime a dozen in your big box retail store in the states, they cost a pretty penny for even a disposable one here in costa rica, so just let us know if you want to borrow one for a day trip.

More News for 2010

So about 6 months ago our friend Roger from Cabuya (now St. Teresa) stopped by with a little plant that he called Noni. Now it's fruiting, and we are going to try the traditional method of fermentation to see if the stories are really all true.

To be continued!!

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